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Frontiers 2022: Noise, Blazes and Mismatches

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) works to identify and draw attention to emerging issues of environmental concern. The UNEP Frontiers’ report… read more

Annual Report 2021

In 2021, when environmental issues reached an unprecedented prominence on the global stage, UNEP backed the world’s efforts to transform its… read more

Emissions Gap Report 2021: The Heat Is On

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) will launch the Emissions Gap Report 2021 in a high-level online press event with UN Secretary-… read more

Adaptation Gap Report 2021 : The Gathering Storm

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) will launch the 6th edition of the UNEP Adaptation Gap Report: The Gathering Storm in a high-level… read more

Global Environment Outlook 6

Published in time for the Fourth United Nations Environmental Assembly, UN Environment’s sixth Global Environment Outlook (2019) calls on decision… read more

World Environment Situation Room

The WESR is the new UNEP data, information and knowledge platform providing users access to validated content to support environmental decision… read more


InforMEA provides easy access to treaty texts and provisions of decisions and resolutions adopted by the Governing Bodies of MEAs. 

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Explore UNEP's vast repository of documents, publications and reports.

UN Biodiversity Lab 2.0

Powered by Map X - The UN Biodiversity Lab provides spatial data through a free, cloud-based tool to support Parties to the UN Convention on… read more

Air Quality Monitoring Platform

The largest real-time air quality databank, bundling real-time air quality data for particulate matter (PM2.5) from thousands of initiatives run by… read more